The Importance and Value of Patents in a Corporate Setting


When it comes to business, patents are an under-utilized asset and weapon.  Many Fortune 500 companies, including tech giants, have patents worth billions of dollars.  Patents are an integral part of businesses, and form both value and protection of ideas.

For example, tech company IBM is the largest holder of patents in America.  They own over 7,300 patents, an outstanding achievement.  Other large patent holders include Samsung with over 5000 and Canon with over 4000.  Tech giant Google came in with over 2800.

IBM is rated (by the IEEE Spectrum which tries to measure the power of the patents in possession of a company) as the most powerful patent holder, with Google coming in at third.  General Electric, Microsoft, and Johnson and Johnson also made appearances within the top 10.

With tech company Yahoo recently struggling until it was forced to sell out, it’s been revealed that they hold an enormous amount of patents.  Google only recently overtook them.  In fact, it’s estimated that their patent assets were worth as much as the rest of their business.

Knowing what an integral part of companies patents are, you should definitely consider filing them from a corporate perspective.  In addition to protecting your ideas and giving you a competitive advantage, they can serve as powerful asset for your company.  If you do consider applying for a patent, you have to be aware of the geographic area or city you are applying in.  For example, if you worked for a business in Edmonton, Alberta then you would need a firm with a strong knowledge of Canadian patents.  No matter what though, you need a qualified professional to assist you in the process.…

Choosing the Best Red Deer, AB Acupuncture


Not too long ago, acupuncture was considered an alternative and far off medicine that had questionable benefits.  Since then, it has skyrocketed into the public view and mainstream usage.  If you’re searching for acupuncture Red Deer, then there is a few things you can do to make sure you find the right acupuncturist:

  • Look at reviews.  Google Reviews is always a good place to start, but you can go deeper.  RateMDs and other medical review sites are also useful.  After you look at these, you may also consider looking at their Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating.
  • Talk to former customers of the business.  Ask specific questions about the integrity of the business, the friendliness of the practitioner themselves, and about the results they are seeing.
  • Have a clear idea of what hurts and what you want solved before you go in.  Make sure you can summarize this quickly and effectively, so they can proceed to the actual treatment as soon as possible.

Canadian acupuncture has exploded in specific in recent years.  Because of this, many new practices have opened up.  While some of them are quality institutions, others are not.  You need to do your research and make sure the place you visit has a track record of results and professionalism.  Online reviews can be fabricated and faked, word of mouth is often the most accurate way to gauge.

Also keep in mind that acupuncturists often specialize in treating certain conditions, and treatments can vary a lot.  So while the practitioner may technically be qualified to treat you, it may be something that he rarely does in their practice.

Search around to see if someone recommends anyone specific for what you are attempting to treat.   And remember that claims of what acupuncture can treat, and what it actually does treat vary significantly so be sure to do your research from credible sources.

Natural Solutions for Joint Pain Caused by Arthritis You Can Use Today


Are you suffering from significant joint pain caused by arthritis?  Well look no further, we have the natural (although not always easy) solutions.

Lose Weight


Although reducing your weight isn’t the easiest solution, it probably is the best at the end of the day.  You may already to be doing it (or considering it at least), but if not, now is the time to start.  Obviously there are other big health benefits so you can’t go wrong here.

The science behind this one is pretty simple.  If you weigh less, they will exert less pressure on your joints.  This is the most surefire way to relieve joint pain.



Acupuncture has become increasingly popular in recent times, and for good reason.  If you find a good acupuncturist, you can see some serious results from this.  Studies so far have shown considerable results for people suffering, although the studies were somewhat inconsistent.  Not everyone seen results, but considering it’s relative affordability it’s worth a try.


By electrically shocking yourself (medically of course), you can see some relief.  This doesn’t mean you should just pick up some frayed cords and start; consult a physio-therapist before doing anything.  They can provide you with both instructions and the correct equipment.

Physical Therapy

Although this can be a severe option, it can also be a be a very useful option.  Therapy can actually provide massive benefits, there may be a few issues that are causing significant issues.  You may be able to take a few visits, learn some exercises and then take matters into your own hands.  After solving those issues, your condition can improve dramatically.  Don’t be too prideful to book a session with a physio-therapist.  Just make sure you visit a physio-therapist with specialty in arthritis, as it’s treatment differs significantly from that of sports injuries or stroke patients for example.…