Natural Solutions for Joint Pain Caused by Arthritis You Can Use Today


Are you suffering from significant joint pain caused by arthritis?  Well look no further, we have the natural (although not always easy) solutions.

Lose Weight


Although reducing your weight isn’t the easiest solution, it probably is the best at the end of the day.  You may already to be doing it (or considering it at least), but if not, now is the time to start.  Obviously there are other big health benefits so you can’t go wrong here.

The science behind this one is pretty simple.  If you weigh less, they will exert less pressure on your joints.  This is the most surefire way to relieve joint pain.



Acupuncture has become increasingly popular in recent times, and for good reason.  If you find a good acupuncturist, you can see some serious results from this.  Studies so far have shown considerable results for people suffering, although the studies were somewhat inconsistent.  Not everyone seen results, but considering it’s relative affordability it’s worth a try.


By electrically shocking yourself (medically of course), you can see some relief.  This doesn’t mean you should just pick up some frayed cords and start; consult a physio-therapist before doing anything.  They can provide you with both instructions and the correct equipment.

Physical Therapy

Although this can be a severe option, it can also be a be a very useful option.  Therapy can actually provide massive benefits, there may be a few issues that are causing significant issues.  You may be able to take a few visits, learn some exercises and then take matters into your own hands.  After solving those issues, your condition can improve dramatically.  Don’t be too prideful to book a session with a physio-therapist.  Just make sure you visit a physio-therapist with specialty in arthritis, as it’s treatment differs significantly from that of sports injuries or stroke patients for example.